Conference program

Saturday 24 April, 2010 (IBN SINA hall; Faculty of Science, Cairo University)

09:00-10:00 Registration

10:00-11:00 - Opening Ceremony

11:00-12:00 Session I: Plenary lecturers

Chairman: Dr. Abd El Halim Nur El Din & Dr. Zahi Hawas,


Atherosclerosis: Not just a disease of contemporary humans

Ancient Egyptian Medicine: A Scientific Perspective

12 :00-12:30 BREAK

12:30-02:30 Session II: Astronomy

Chairman: Dr. Alaa Shahein & Dr. Magdi Abd el Wahab


1- Dr. Shahinaz Yousef; Dr. Khadiga Abdur-Rahman; Dr. Mohammed Mounirand Dr. Moutaz Mazloum

The Nile Ancient Egyptians Epoch La Nina and El Nino during the times of the prophets Yusuf and Moses

2- Dr. Mosalam Shaltout

The dawn of Astronomy in the world: Napta Playa , Egypt, 4890 BCE

3- Dr. Hanan A. Abou el-Dahab

Sotis and Isis: A comparative study since early history of Ancient Egypt till the end of the Graeco-Roman Period

5- Dr. Yosef Mazhar

Wind directions and conditions on ancient Egyptian sailing ships

03:00-04:30 LUNCH

Sunday 25 April, 2010 (Ahmed Basha Kamal hall; Supreme Council of Antiquity; 3 El Adel Abu Baker st. Zamalek; Cairo)

09:00-12:30 Session I: Medicine and Mummification

Chairman: Dr. G.Thomas ; Dr. M. El Manawy ; Dr. Aziza Mahrous


1-Dr. Moushira E. Zaki , Dr. Azza M. Sarry El-Din1, Dr. Muhammad Al-Tohamy Soliman1, Dr. Neveen H. Mahmoud2, Dr. Walaa Abu Baker Basha1.

Limb Amputation in Ancient Egyptians from Old Kingdom

2- Dr. Moushira E. Zaki, Dr. M. Al-Tohamy Soliman &Dr. Aly El-Sawaf

Cranial Tumors in Ancient Egyptians from the Greco-Roman period

3- Dr. El ?Sawaf, A. & Dr. Al- Tohamy, M.

Ancient Dental Pathology

4- Dr. Aly El-Nofely

About child growth in ancient Egypt

5- Dr. M. Saleh and Dr. Esmat Seifelnasr

An introduction to the history of Veterinary Medicine

6- Dr. Gomaa Abdel-Maksoud , Dr. Ezz Eldin A. Al-Shazly , Dr. Abdel-Rahman El-Amin

Damage caused by insects during the mummification processes:

An experimental study

7- Dr. Ghada Darwish Al-Khafif, Dr. Zakia M. Kamel, Dr. Mahmoud Said Mahmoud

Is this natural mummy a historic find? Case study

12 :30-01:00 BREAK

01:00-03:30 Session II: Pharmacology

Chairman: Dr. Rosalie David; Dr. Moushira E. Zaki & Dr. Aly El-Sawaf


1- Dr. Aziza M.M. Amer

History of Pharmacology in Ancient Egypt

2- Dr. Rosalie David

Pharmacy in Ancient Egypt: A multidisciplinary historical and scientific study

3- Dr. Esmat Seifelnasr &Dr. M. Saleh

A brief history of animal communication

4- Dr. Hanifa Moursi, S. A.

A view on the ancient Egyptian herbal

5- Dr. Gamal S. Gabra

Drugs in ancient Egypt

03:30-04:30 LUNCH

Monday 26 April, 2010 (Ahmed Basha Kamal hall; Supreme Council of Antiquity; 3 El Adel Abu Baker st. Zamalek; Cairo)

09:00-12:30 Session I: Basic science and Agriculture

Chairman: Dr. A. Nur El Din; Dr. Rifaat Hilal & Dr. Ahmed Hegazy


1- Dr. M. I. Wanas

The Great Pyramid and Finsler Geometry

2- Dr. Salah Eid

The Circle as the Heart of Ancient Egyptian Geometry

3- Mr. Ayman A. Waziry

Anet and the conception of the velocity of light in Ancient Egypt until the end of the Greek- Roman periods

4- Dr. Abed El-Naser Tawfik

Experimental methodology as leading tools of the Scientific progress in Pharaonic civilization

5- Mr. Hisham El-Hennawy

Scorpions in ancient Egypt

6- Dr. Ahmed H. Abd El-Megeed

Pharaohs' Scientific techniques in carcasses quality

7-Dr. Nesrin .M.N. El Hadidi & Dr. Rim Hamdy

Basketry Accessories: Sandals, Bags and Fans in Ancient Egypt

8- Dr. Wafaa A. El-Ghanam

Waterwheel in Graeco - Roman Egypt

12 :30-01:00 BREAK

01:00-03:00 Session II: Architecture and Conservation

Chairman: Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Hady & Dr. Mona Foad.


1- Dr. Mohamed El Sharkawy

Waterspouts in Ancient Egyptian Architecture

2- Dr. I.M. Abdallah & Dr. N. Abdtawab

Effects of environmental conditions on deterioration of the Oracle Temple, Siwa Oasis , Egypt

3- Dr. Abdou El-Derby

Some construction and buildings defects in Ancient Egypt

which have played role in own deterioration and damage .

4- Dr. Mohsen M. Saleh

Restoration and conservation of Hwi–Nfr granite sarcophagus lid, Cairo University excavation: Giza - Saqqara

5- Dr. Mohamed M. Megahed

Scientific study for treatment & conservation of archaeological iron artifacts, applied on a selected object from Tell-El Farama, North Sinai, Egypt.

03:00-04:00 LUNCH

06:00-08:00 Closing Ceremony (El Arsh hall; Kasr El Manial )

  1. Dr. Khairy I. El-Malt

    The Role of the Ancient Egyptian Musical Instrument for the

    Revival of the Pharonic Music.

  2. Pharonic Music Play
  3. El Mosika Al Arabia (Music Play)
  4. Medal for the Distinguished Archaeologists
  5. Certificate of Attendance